The BI solution for MR data

Ruby Dashboards are the best way to present Market Research data on any platform, any device – Excel-based with dynamic filtering – cost effective.

Leverage the power of Ruby to tame the most complex data.

Leverage the power of Excel to produce spectacular dashboards.

Summarise and consolidate data from multiple sources at a fraction of the cost of other systems.

Ruby Dashboards can be presented online via Ruby Laser (for Windows browsers supporting SilverLight) and via RubyGo and RubyPocket (for all Android, iOS and Windows 10 tablets and phones).

No need for costly dedicated dashboard software; no need for dozens of RDBs behind the scenes, just the power of Ruby and Excel working together.

Dashboards can have dynamic filters set up to enable users to drill down into report data or switch between defined market segments. All tables charts and other visualisations in the dashboard update rapidly to any changes in filter selections.

Build Ruby Dashboards in Excel, using familiar techniques and the wealth of inbuilt graphics and design tools, to combine selected tables and charts in a single interface. Define simple or complex drill and switch filters and a couple of simple control tabs, then post the dashboards online. Clients can then access their dashboards through a secure web-based portal: Ruby Laser, RubyGo or RubyPocket