Senior Management to Insights Teams, Data Scientists to Survey Processors, our software adds efficiency, excellence and ease-of-use at every stage.

senior management

Red Centre Software improves knowledge share across your organisation. [find out more] Making it easy to create a ‘single-source-of-truth’ from which all insights flow. Every data point is consistent across PowerPoint reports, Excel Insights, Cloud dashboards, and advanced data analysis. 

You and your teams are in control, communicating consistently at every stage – import, cleaning, processing, tabulation, connection and visualisation. Get the knowledge you need, how you want it, wherever you need it. 

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Our interfaces deliver immediate power and flexibility to insight analysts. [find out more] Investigate your own ideas, as they emerge, without the need to ask DP teams for additional requests. Export to Excel, and connect directly to your PPTX charts – designed just as you like them. 

There are many time-saving tools designed for Insights. Filter full sets of tables in a single step. Refresh entire PPTX reports with filtered data quickly and accurately. We put you in control.  

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Our award winning technology provides unrivalled speed and data-handling capabilities. [find out more] 

Access-levels, analysis tools, and outputs designed for every user-type. Highly efficient, transparent and trackable batch scripting can be deployed via Python, Visual Basic, or similar with templates dramatically improving turn-around times. 

Set the core project up, as you know it should be, and share with Insights for GUI interaction.

Connect directly to R packages and run any analysis on your data. Deploy our mature software in diverse environments, C drive, in-house server, Cloud hosting.  

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Ruby can import data from all commonly used collection systems, including Quantum, SPSS and IBM Dimensions.

Perform partial imports from different systems. Import data waves for complex tracking jobs with full diagnostic reporting.

In-built verbatim coding tools provide the power and flexibility to save large amounts of time on this repetitive task. Automate data imports, cleaning, constructions and reporting in Ruby using commonly available VB.Net skills.

Support your clients’ output requirements with advanced Excel tables, PPTX reports, Cloud Dashboards and data file exports.   Contact us.