The RCS Library DLLs

Do you need advanced crosstab functionality for a custom procedure, a client on-line portal or dashboard, an Excel Add-In, or an in-house cross tabulator?

The RCS DLLs implement a lightweight fully professional general cross-platform data processing and cross tabulation library suitable for batch processing or embedding in desktop or online applications.

The RCS library is supported on Windows client and server operating systems, macOS, Linux and Unix. Library functionality can be published through in-house or cloud hosted web services and consumed by client applications running in the web, on desktops or on mobile devices.

The library can be called from MS Office VBA, C#, VB.Net, F#, Python, Powershell and many other languages.

From Old School to the Future Bright

  1. Do you miss the the CLI? The way you ran Quantum before GUIs complicated our lives? You can write CSX scripts in a text editor and execute from the command line.
Using the Roslyn compiler called from rcsx.bat to execute a table specification script and save as HTML
  1. Does importing to and formatting tables in Excel give you grief? Call the RCS library from your Excel macro and directly populate a workbook (and similarly for PowerPoint or Access)
Declaring RCS library calls in a VBA module.
  1. Do you want to integrate crosstab outputs with data collection, statistical/mathematical or AI/ML procedures? Download the RCS library as a NuGet package to your Visual Studio solution and mix it with any other libraries from the vast DotNet software ecosystem.
A Visual Studio project with the RCS library packages along side Microsoft’s machine learning and a 3rd party Tweet collector. Use TweetinviAPI to collect, the RCS.Engine to code the text and run tables, then ML for enhanced sentiment analysis.
  1. Are you a developer for Mac or Linux? Write your own native crosstabber.
Interactive CLI running under Unix 19.5.
A native Mac GUI and basic table display
  1. Do you need to run tables in the cloud, with full interactivity? Write your client-side GUI, and then use the RCS library on the server-side to do the hard work.
Cross-platform Browser GUI – client-side table specifications are sent to the server where the RCS Library generates and returns the content as a web service
  1. Do you have potentially thousands of users who all want to run thousands of tables, risking server overloads and time-outs? Distribute the library client side using Blazor/WebAssembly so that local machines take the CPU hit instead.
  2. You love Tableau or Dapresy visualisations but hate the strife of trying to get survey case data and crosstabs into a BI RDB? Use the RCS library to get from case data to a chartable matrix or table instead of complicated and fragile SQL.
  3. Do you want 100+ person years of skill and experience in processing survey data from raw cases through to client-ready reporting all wrapped up and ready to go?

If yes to any of the above, then the RCS Library is waiting for you.


We want the RCS library to become an industry survey processing standard, so the pricing is very generous – in fact FREE

  • for students or academics or private researchers or pro bono organisations (basically, any non-commercial, public interest, and for the greater good)
  • to commercial agencies for ad hoc jobs under 1,200 cases. 

So there is nothing to stop you taking a look for as long as you like, and you can start using the library right now to reduce your data processing software costs on ad hocs.

If you want to embed the RCS Library in a commercial product, then contact us to discuss an appropriate royalty arrangement.

If you want to deploy on a server, then the licence fee will depend on anticipated usage.

If you are an enterprise and would like the source code to compile directly into your own systems, then we are open to discussion.

If you want to try the RCS library, send an email to for download details and access to the SDK.




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