Here’s how to easily label map points after importing the coordinates. The example table is EDU by Income.

• Download and install XYChartLabeler from

This is a free Excel utility which extends MSOffice chart for better labelling of data points.

• Right click on the map and select Save Coordinates











• Open the file in NotePad.exe or other text editor
• Copy the highlighted section to the clipboard
• Open Excel
• Paste
• Select the two coordinate columns











• Insert Chart as Scatterplot














The points are in the correct positions, but don’t make much sense without data labels.

To add the data labels

• XY Chart Labels tab
• Add Labels











• Select the labels in column C












• OK
• Drag the labels as appropriate to avoid illegible overlaps

Should now appear as:
















The chart can now be copy/pasted to PowerPoint or Word.



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