Here’s an interesting scenario from a client: We have set up our nets for TB and […]
Memory issues from SAV files with many tens of thousands of variables have arisen occasionally, more […]
Consider a bank of ratings questions like the FavRat set in the Ruby Demo job.  The […]
You can force auto-updating of reports here:                   […]
A common problem for tracking jobs is that the variable descriptions and code labels as delivered […]
In Ruby versions 3.x (Ribbon interface) and later, this is accessed from Home | Send to […]
A common problem with non-English locales is that the locale settings for the decimal symbol as […]
Ruby 64-bit version should make this henceforth a rare circumstance, but with big data beating at […]
Here’s how to easily label map points after importing the coordinates. The example table is EDU […]
House standards for chart series colours can be set in a default job.ini file. You set […]