Update: The recommended Visual Studio edition is now Visual Studio Community. The recommended version is now […]
Ruby 64-bit, released first quarter 2016, is up to 45% faster on big jobs, and uses […]
This error should be obviated in all but the most extreme circumstances by upgrading to Ruby […]
A common problem with non-English locales is that the locale settings for the decimal symbol as […]
In Ruby version 3.x (Ribbon interface) this is accessed from Home | Send to | Excel […]
It’s looking bad for SPSS: http://r4stats.com/2012/05/09/beginning-of-the-end/ So in keeping with the spirit of the times, the […]
Quantum-style levels (as opposed to Ruby variable hierarchies) are now supported. A levels job can have […]
Despite our best efforts to get Triple-S established as the preferred format for survey data interchange […]
Ruby jobs use a lot of files for case data storage. There are many advantages in […]
Compression reduces disk space (see the Blog entry “Using Windows Compression for Ruby Jobs”), but the […]