It’s looking bad for SPSS:

So in keeping with the spirit of the times, the Ruby to R interface has been much extended. The R form for ready-to-go procedures is

This form is generated by Run_RScripts.vbs, so it is easy to extend for your own custom procedures. See Ruby and R.pdf and the files \Ruby\*.r for details and examples.


SPSS market share is being eroded by R – see

And this screen grab, from

At 5.00 minutes in.

I cannot say that I see any diminution in the number of SAV files which come my way, but the long term trend is clear enough. Universities are increasingly using R where they used to use SPSS, so the next generation of market researchers will have a lot more R and a lot less SPSS.

R is free, so it’s OK for us to recommend it.

We have recently put in CHAID and Cluster. The only other multivariate technique we envisage for Ruby is factor analysis, but lots of other priorities before that. In the meantime, and for any statistical analysis beyond what Ruby provides, you can link directly to R.



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