The scenario is that you want a two-code variable where c1=under a particular threshold, and c2=same as or over the threshold. The problem is: what if the threshold value is dynamic, that is, not known at scripting time? The solution is to run a table to get the threshold, and then plug that value into the construction.

This example gets the code median from FAVRAT_1, constructs a new variable for under/over the median, and then verifies the construction by a table.

#include c:rubyRubyUtilitiesLibrary.vbs
#include c:rubyRubyVariablesLibrary.vbs
#include c:rubyRubyReportsLibrary.vbs

Sub Main()

    top = "Count"
    filt = ""
    wght = ""

    '' get the median
    GenTab "FavRat_1 Median", top, "FAVRAT_1", filt, wght
    median = rep.GetRawStat("Column", "cme", 0, 0)  '' return cme for column at cell 0,0 = 7
    'MsgBox median                                  '' debug

    '' construct under/over
    DefCon "FAVRAT_1_UO", "Favourability Rating Segment by Median"
        AddItem 1, "sum_FAVRAT_1(*)<"  & median, "Under"
        AddItem 2, "sum_FAVRAT_1(*)>=" & median, "Equal or Over"
    Construct "FAVRAT_1_UO"

    '' confirm by a comparison table
    side = "FAVRAT_1(#sum#(1/" & median-1 & ");#sum#(" & median & "/10);cme),FAVRAT_1_UO"
    GenTab "FavRat_1 Median UO Check", top, side,  filt, wght


End Sub

The final table is:



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