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12 March 2016

Here’s a fascinating development. See

I have tried other IDEs for R in the past (RStudio, RCommander), but never got much traction with them. Having R directly accessed from VS opens up all sorts of prospects for working with R and Ruby together.

The link to get RTVS (R Tools for Visual Studio) is

You need at least VS Community 2015 Update 1, and R 64 bit. VS Community is free to small enterprises (< $USD 1,000,000 last time I checked). I already had VS Community and R 64 bit installed, so I downloaded only step 2:

This downloads the setup exe RTVS_2016-03-04.1.exe. Run this for the actual install. Installation took only a couple of minutes. When complete, you are taken to

Follow the links there, especially Installation Steps, which takes you to

I did not have to do anything or change anything. After installation, on starting VS Community, I now have a new main menu item for R Tools:

To test it all works:

  • Start a new VS project.
  • Select the R template.

  • Accept the defaults.

In the R Interactive window at the bottom left, enter plot(rnorm(100):

On pressing Enter, the plot appears in the R Plot window at the top right:

Here’s something a bit more useful:

Copy/paste this to the script.R window

x <- read.table(‘clipboard’, header = TRUE, row.names = 1, sep = ‘t’, dec = ‘.’)
y<-corresp(x, nf=3)

In Ruby, Demo job, open the table r_EDU_INC and copy to the Windows clipboard as

Select the R script, right click and select Execute in Interactive.


The input table and scores are shown in the R Interactive window, and the correspondence analysis biplot is shown in the R Plot window:

Imagination is the only limit.



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