Update 7 March 2016

Axis by Folder (Ruby version 3.x and later) is accessed from Tools | Axis by Vartree Folder

See also the topic Regenerate Slideshow in the Ruby GUI Help.

Axis by Folder is on the Tools menu.

Typical usage would be a multi-country job, where you want to interactively generate sets of standard reports by several different banners, filtered to each country in turn. This sort of thing is usually done in a script, but if you prefer the GUI, this form should prove useful.

The top and side specs are entered as GenTab syntax.

Setting the form as

gives this report:

Then, for the next region, change the Case Filter Region(2) and the suffix to _SE.

This gives

And so on.

The reports are stored in the designated TOC folders:

If Separate Report for each Variable is checked, then the Name field is hidden, and the Prefix field appears.

This creates a set of tables, named as ne_<varname>.



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