Update 7 March 2016

With Ruby version 3.x and later, the CodeFrames report is accessed from Tools | Codeframes

The recent Ruby release has several new features for running batch processes from the GUI.

The CodeFrames Report does a similar job to the script GenVarRep, but has some extra features. It is on the Tools menu.

You can use this to

  • Get a listing of all codes for all flat coded variables in a folder
  • Get a frequency count of each code
  • Get a frequency count of each code against any top axis

A listing of all codes in a folder (no folder means all folders) is done as

The output is a text file.

With Frequency Counts checked you can enter a GenTab syntax expression for the top axis, and a vector expression for the side axis.

The output is

This is a bit messy (because tab-delimited). To get it into Excel

  • Edit | Select All
  • Edit | Copy
  • Open a blank spreadsheet
  • Paste

This appears as

If the top axis is anything other than Count(1), then the columns are labelled.



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